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Poetry Publications

Carmela's Latest Published Poems Include:

Two poems in the Christmas-Winter 2024 edition of Parables: Catholic Stories for Children. One is the terse verse rhyming poem "Winter Night" and the other a free-verse poem called "Feast of the Seven Fishes." This children's magazine for ages 6-12 is available for purchase in print here and digitally here.

Two of Carmela's math-based poems were published in the STEM edition of Tyger Tyger Magazine in December 2023. This is an acclaimed British online magazine for children ages 7-11. Tyger Tyger's editor also created a Teaching Resource to go with the poems. You can see all the poems and Teaching Resources in the issue by following the links on the Tyger Tyger website here

Four of Carmela's poems were published in Wild: An Anthology of Poetry edited by Alyssa Myers and released by Hey Hey Books on November 7, 2023. All the poems in this collection are inspired by nature, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that support wildlife. Three of Carmela's poems in Wild are haiku related to spring and the fourth is a free-verse tribute to a clematis plant she encountered on one of her walks.