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Three Poems in 10.10 Anthology

Carmela has three poems in the 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 Different Ways edited by literacy educator Bridget Magee and featuring the work of 58 poets from around the world. The book's poems are divided into TEN categories that all involve the word TEN:

  1. TENtative
  2. TENderness
  3. TENacity
  4. TEN More Minutes
  5. TENsion
  6. I Wouldn't Touch That With a TEN-Foot Pole
  7. TEN Little Fingers / TEN Little Toes
  8. Take TEN
  9. TENth _____
  10. I TENd To. 


Carmela's poems in the anthology are:

  • "My Baby Brother," a "Definito" poem in the Tenacity section
  • "Time to Leave the Beach Playground," an Etheree in the Ten More Minutes section
  • "Releasing the Tension," a free verse poem in the Tension section