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Carmela's Blog

Free Books for Teachers

For a limited time, I'm offering a free ebook copy of Rosa, Sola for teachers to preview for possible classroom use. (If you'd prefer to receive an autographed paperback copy, I'll mail a copy to a U.S. address for only $3.99 postage/handling.) Both the ebook and paperback editions include a "Discussion Questions" section specifically for classroom discussion. If you or someone you know teaches grades 4-8 and would like more information, email me via the link in the left sidebar or use the form on the Contact & Press Kit page.


I confess, I got the idea to extend this offer from author A. J. Cattapan. She's currently giving away free ebook copies of her novels, Angelhood and Seven Riddles to Nowhere, to teachers interested in previewing them for use in their classrooms. See her website for details.

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